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No Sunshine is an American band formed in 2017. 

The band is heavily influenced by progressive rock and metal acts such as: Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Opeth, and Tool; 90s acts like Helmet, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Third Eye Blind, Foo Fighters, and Alice in Chains; 2000s acts like Chevelle, Dark New Day, Linkin Park, and Queens of the Stone Age; and modern acts such as Toothgrinder, Periphery, and The Architects. 

Starting in the later half of 2017, Bryan Keith entered Isometric Studios to start recording what at the time was a solo project. Throughout the course of the recording process, Terrence Geno, Levi Culpepper and Casey Adams joined the fray and No Sunshine was formed. 

Bryan Keith had this to say about the band, “No Sunshine is about the culmination of a lifetime of musical ideas that emanates from the deepest, and sometimes darkest, recesses of one’s psyche. We all draw influence from such a wide variety of genres, that it’s hard to pinpoint a particular sound, but I’d say that No Sunshine's style, which features a heavily layered sound, can most easily be described as progressive rock, aka prog rock.” 

After a year in the studio, on September 3rd, 2018, No Sunshine released a 14-song debut album titled "Watch the World Fade" which was produced by sound engineer and producer, Terrence Geno, at his studio in Madison, MS. 

The first single from the album was “Fit In” which was accompanied by a video that was filmed by renowned videographer J.B. Lawrence. J.B.'s work has appeared in publications such as Guitar Play Magazine and Rolling Stone. The video was shot at several different locations, with the band shoot taking place in a house that doubled as the home of the main character in the video, and stars Chloe Campbell and Jack Sims with a story centering around teenaged bullying. The music video for "Fit In" won first place in the 2018 Catharsis International Film and Video Festival. It was also selected to be shown at the 2018 Oxford Film Festival, which is a prestigious event that is held yearly in Oxford, MS. 

A second music video for "Reject" was released on January 1st, 2019, which expanded on the storyline created in "Fit In." Reject was also filmed and directed by J.B. Lawrence in Vicksburg, MS at two different locations, one which was an abandoned hospital and another being an allegedly haunted building located downtown that has appeared on several ghost hunting shows, including Ghost Adventures that aired on the Travel Channel. The video stars Chloe Campbell, who reprises her role, with co-stars Audrey Pope, and John Robert Thompson. Bryan Keith and Levi Culpepper also made an appearance in the video, with additional notable appearances by singer/songwriter Chase Waters from Candybone, drummer Caleb Franklin from Framing the Red, and actor and ghost hunter David Childers, who also appeared on the previously mentioned Ghost Adventures episode. 

Immediately following the release of "Watch the World Fade" in September of 2018, the band got back to work in the studio to work on the follow up album titled, "Into a New World". This album consists of 12 songs, which will be released as four, three song EPs over the course of 2019/2020. The final EP release will combine the previous releases into a full-length album. 

A video album titled "Digital Redemption" is also in the planning stages, with most of the recording work having already been completed.  

On July 26th, 2019 the first EP from the "Into a New World" sessions, titled "EP:1 Stand Alone" was released to all major online distributors. It is the first EP out of five EPs that will be released over the course of the next year. The single "Stand Alone" received radio air play on Vicksburg's V105.5 FM on the Mississippi Music Show which is a show that highlights Mississippi Talent. 

On October 4th, 2019 the second EP from the "Into a New World" sessions, titled "Sunshine" WAS released to all major online distributors. A music video for the single "Sunshine" WAS released on VEVO on September 20th. 

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