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  1. Fit In

© 2018 - No Sunshine Records
Recorded at Isometric Studios


I wanna run away
I wanna get away
Far away, from people like you
And if I could escape, oh I wouldn’t hesitate
Maybe head out west, away from people like you

And I don’t expect you to understand
Why I can’t keep my mouth shut
And let you go on in your daze
Believing all of their lies
I just want you to know that
You’re strong enough to stand
On your own and you don’t need them
To tell you where you fit in

I wanna leave this place
Because there’s nothing left
of words once spoken
there’s a better place
where superstition’s dead
but its far away
sometimes I think it’s just in my head

In, you don’t need them
to tell you where you fit in
your divinity lies within
open your eyes
and think with your mind
stand up and raise your finger to the sky
cause you can walk away
you don’t have to be like them
no, you don’t need to be forgiven to be pure
you’ve always been that way

we should talk it’s been so long
we don’t talk because we’ve moved on
you are as pure as the sun
and your light will never be un------