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The third video "Sunshine" from the "Into a New World" sessions.

"Sunshine" is a performance video shot and filmed by J.B. Lawrence and is part of the release schedule for the second full length album

This video was released on VEVO on September 20th, 2019.


The second video "Reject" from No Sunshine's debut album "Watch the World Fade".

This video was also filmed and directed by J.B. Lawrence.

The video was filmed in Vicksburg, MS at two different locations, one which was an abandoned hospital and another being an allegedly haunted building located downtown that has appeared on several ghost hunting shows, including Ghost Adventures that aired on the Travel Channel. There were also a few shots filmed in a downtown alley.

The video stars Chloe Campbell, who reprises her role, with co-stars Audrey Pope, and John Robert Thompson. Bryan Keith and Levi Culpepper also made an appearance in the video, with additional notable appearances by singer/songwriter Chase Waters from Candybone, drummer Caleb Franklin from Framing the Red, and actor and ghost hunter David Childers, who also appeared on the aforementioned Ghost Adventures episode.

This video is a continuation of the story started with "Fit In" and explores the aftermath of bullying and hits on topics such as loneliness, depression, and drug abuse. 

This song was recorded at Isometric Studio located in Madison, MS and produced by Terrence Geno.


The debut video "Fit In" from No Sunshine.

This music video was shot and directed by renowned videographer J.B. Lawrence in 2018 around the time the album "Watch the World Fade" was released, and was the album first single.

J.B.'s work has appeared in publications such as Guitar Player Magazine and Rolling Stone.

The video stars Chloe Campbell and Jack Sims with a story centering around teenaged bullying. #stopbullying

The video was shot at several different locations, with the band shoot taking place in a house that doubled as the home of the main character in the video. The dock scenes were shot at a beautiful lake location, with the rest of the scenes shot at a park in Madison, MS.

The song "Fit In" was recorded at Isometric Studio during the "Watch the World Fade" sessions, and was engineered and produced by Terrence Geno who also plays guitar and keyboard in No Sunshine. Bryan Keith facilitated a co-producing role.

The album is available on all major online distribution outlets. 

This video was initially released on this website and Facebook.

The video for "Fit In" won first place in the 2018 Catharsis International Film and Video Festival. It was also selected to be shown at the 2018 Oxford Film Festival, which is a prestigious event that is held yearly in Oxford, MS.