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Watch the World Fade

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© 2018 - No Sunshine Records
Recorded at Isometric Studios

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And look into my reflection
Staring back at me
Sifting through the airwaves
Bringing me to my knees
And I wanted to find the answers
So many times I’ve tried
I’m holding on to everything
So it doesn’t pass me by

So, it doesn’t pass me by

All my life I’ve been misleaded
wandering in the rain
I stumbled until I was broken
I found my way again
But I’m sitting across from you now
I'm holding out my hand
And I’m hoping you can take it
And that you’ll understand

That you’ll understand

Do you ever wonder
What it would be like
If we were flying
Into the cool breeze
The melody keeps the world from dying
Hold on tightly
Cause you might like me
When I’m smiling
Sit beside me
And watch the world fade

And watch the would fade
And watch the would fade
And watch the would fade