The Setting Sun

The Setting Sun 

Today, I finished up the last track for the album "Watch the World Fade."

"Watch the World Fade" is shaping up to be a rather large album at 12 songs in total. 

This particular track is titled “The Setting Sun” and it’s a song that I originally wrote a few years ago, but decided to re-write the music while keeping the original lyrics and adding a few sections. This version takes a more melodic approach and has more of a build up to a heavy section whereas the original version was heavy throughout. 

I think overall the direction that this new version has taken is more in line with the lyrical content. 

I'm really looking forward to recording this one as I feel it really connects well to the he overall lyrical concept of the album and fall in line with all the other songs that will be on “Watch the World Fade”. While I feel a connection to every song that I have chosen for this album, to me, this one is special from the standpoint of the message it conveys. I can't wait to share this with the world. 


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