Day 4 in the studio.

We are now ready for drums! 

Geno and I have been busy in the studio and we now have 11 of 12 songs scratched out for the first full length album "Watch the World Fade". 

We'll hit the studio one more time and get the last song scratched out and then we will start planning to get Casey Adams in the studio to lay down the drum tracks. Casey will bring a high level of quality and professionalism to these 12 songs. He is currently the drummer for Splendid Chaos and has even recorded a few tracks for some Candybone songs. We are looking forward to getting him in the studio and seeing what he comes up with! 

We’ll be posting more music updates as we spend more time in the studio. 

We are recording this album at Isometric Studios in Madison, MS with Terrence Geno producing. Terrence Geno has previously produced two Framing the Red albums including “Welcome to the Show” and “Love, Lies, and Alibis” and co-wrote “What if I Told You” off the latter album with the band. 

Please follow us on social media @nosunshinemusic and stay tuned for more updates! 

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