Behind the scenes photos from the "Reject" video shoot!

"Reject" is the second video release from the band No Sunshine.  

The photos in this album were taken during the story line video shoot for the music video “Reject”. 

We had quite the cast for this video and were grateful to have such talent in our actors for the portrayal of their characters. We also had a few members from other local area bands show up to film the party scene. It turned into a real party, so everyone was having a lot of fun during the filming of that scene. These photos capture some of the shenanigans that what went on that day.  

Reject was filmed by J.B. Lawrence in two different locations in Vicksburg, MS, including an abandoned hospital and a civil war era building that has been featured on Ghost Adventures on the Travel channel for its alleged haunting.   

These photos were taken by David Childers and J.B. Lawrence.   

"Watch the World Fade" is the debate album from No Sunshine and consists of 14 songs. It was released on September 3rd, 2018 at all major online distribution outlets.  

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